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Why is there a hissing sound in my bathroom?

Why is there a hissing sound in my bathroom?

It’s because water or air is moving through your water line into your toilet tank. The valve shuts off automatically based on the water level in the tank. A faulty valve or one not set properly will keep running. When you hear the hissing sound, take the lid off your toilet tank.

What does it mean when your hot water tank is hissing?

One of the most common reasons for a hot water heater to make a hissing sound is because condensation is coming into contact with a hot surface. This sound will often occur after a long shower or when the dishwasher is running — any time you use a large amount of hot water — and is a fairly normal occurrence.

How to hide embarrassing bathroom noises in your home?

Attribution: The rainforest sounds are by Alexander from this site under the Creative Commons license. The ocean waves sounds are by Mike Koenig from this site under the Attribution 3.0 license. I mixed these two together to create my sound file.

Is the sound in the bathroom bad or good?

To be sure, the sound quality was pretty bad: no bass, rolled-off high-end, and way too much mid; worse than a cell phone speaker. It sucks at playing music, but that’s not what it was made for. It’s fine for playing ocean sounds and is definitely loud enough!

How can I keep sound out of my bathroom?

If you do decide to remodel, you’ll have a wider range of options. The easiest way to keep your bathroom from transferring sound is to bring in materials that absorb or break up sound waves. Carpeting the bathroom might not be practical, but you can lay down thick rugs made from material that will stand up to humidity and frequent washing.

Why do I hear people using the bathroom in the living room?

It’s a common problem: you have a bathroom with thin walls and/or a flimsy door adjacent to a living room or other common area. Whenever someone uses the toilet, everyone can hear the person doing their thing.