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Who is the bandit in last of the Summer Wine?

Who is the bandit in last of the Summer Wine?

Foggy feels threatened by Norman and Compo’s old friend Amos, who is as great a blow-hard as himself. There is some concern that Amos may be back in the village to rob the bank. Did You Know? Timothy Bateson was the voice of Creature in the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007) and the video game of the same name.

When did last of Summer Wine series 4 come out?

Last of the Summer Wine’s fourth series originally aired on BBC1 between 9 November 1977 and 4 January 1978. All episodes from this series were written by Roy Clarke and produced and directed by Sydney Lotterby. The fourth series was released on DVD in region 2 as a combined box set with series 3 on

When did last of Summer Wine Vintage 1977 come out?

In addition, Last of the Summer Wine: Vintage 1977 has been released on 9 September 2008 in Region 1 and included all episodes from the fourth series including a rare 1977 interview with Roy Clarke.

When was the last series of last of the Summer Wine?

They appeared in the very first series in 1973. Sadly John Comer passed away in 1984, his last appearance was in the Christmas Special: Getting Sam Home. Jane Freeman stayed with the series till the very end, many a character felt the wrath of Ivy’s tongue and tray over the years. Jane passed away in 2017.

Who was Tom Simmonite in last of the Summer Wine?

After the death of Owen in 1999, Compo was replaced at various times by his real-life son, Tom Owen, as Tom Simmonite, Keith Clifford as Billy Hardcastle, a man who thought of himself as a descendant of Robin Hood, and Brian Murphy as the cheeky-chappy Alvin Smedley.

Who was the third lead character in the last of the Summer Wine?

After Compo died in 1999, his son, Tom Simmonite, filled the gap for the rest of that series, and Billy Hardcastle joined the cast as the third lead character in 2001.

When was the first episode of Summer Wine?

The pilot episode aired as an episode of Comedy Playhouse on 4 January 1973 and the first full series of episodes premiered on 12 November the very same year. The 31st (and final) series started broadcasting on 25 July 2010. Every episode was written by Roy Clarke.