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Which mall is closer to Kempton Park?

Which mall is closer to Kempton Park?

Birch Acres Mall
Birch Acres Mall You’ll find the mall north-east of Johannesburg and just north of Kempton Park.

Is Eastgate mall bigger than Mall of Africa?

For KwaZulu-Natal, the biggest retail node is in Durban – the Gateway Theatre of Shopping (150,320 sqm), followed by The Pavilion (119,000 sqm) and Galleria Shopping Centre (88,346 sqm)….These are the biggest shopping malls in South Africa.

Johannesburg Square Metres
Mall of Africa 130 000
Eastgate 118 732
Westgate 109 000
Cresta Shopping Centre 104 143

What is the biggest mall in SA?

Here Are The Biggest Malls In South Africa

  • Sandton City South Africa.
  • Gateway Theatre of Shopping.
  • Fourways Mall in Johannesburg.
  • Menlyn Park Shopping Centre.
  • Canal Walk in Cape Town.
  • Eastgate Shopping Centre.
  • The Pavilion Shopping Centre, Durban.
  • Mall of Africa.

Which is the best shopping area in Kempton Park?

Kempton Park is ideal for those wanting to settle down. Residents are able to enjoy a convenient way of life as Kempton Park is mere minutes away from large shopping malls. These include Festival Mall, Woodbridge Square, Kempstar Mall and Glen Acres Shopping Centre.

Is the Panarottis at Kempton Park Mall major?

The mall is not that major but walking up and down brought us to Panarottis and the reception and overall the friendliness of the staff was welcomed. The food was well prepared and no problems experienced with our orders

What kind of health care does Kempton Park have?

In terms of health care, Kempton Park has you covered. There are various local clinics and health centres to meet every family member’s medical needs. These include: Elim Clinic.

How many high schools are in Kempton Park?

Kempton Park is home to six major high schools and also boasts various entertainment facilities, sporting facilities and accommodation. The city is located next to OR Tambo International Airport and the impressive accommodation options ensure a convenient and pleasant stay for visitors.

Which is the best shopping mall in Kempton Park?

1. Glen Balad Mall 2. Bonaero Park Shopping Centre 3. Birch Acres Mall What are the best places for shopping malls in Kempton Park?

Where is Kempton Park in Johannesburg South Africa?

Kempton Park is located on the western city limits of Ekurhuleni and shares its administrative boundaries with Johannesburg, South Africa’s largest city. It is situated south of Tembisa, one of the largest townships in South Africa which is also integrated into Ekurhuleni.

Where are the head offices in Kempton Park?

Several airline and other aviation related companies are headquartered in Kempton Park. South African Airways, the flag carrier of South Africa, and subsidiary South African Express have their head offices in Kempton Park. Airlink, a regional South African airline, has its headquarters on the grounds of OR Tambo Airport.

Where is the best shopping mall in South Africa?

Birch Acres Mall is South Africa’s newest township shopping destination! You’ll find the mall north-east of Johannesburg and just north of Kempton Park. The mall