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Which is the best straight ladder towel radiator?

Which is the best straight ladder towel radiator?

Their straightforward design sits nicely against almost any wall making clever use of small spaces. Browse our stylish ladder towel radiators with straight rails and choose from our huge range of brands, styles and colours. The straight ladder style is one of the most popular designs and it’s easy to see why.

Can a towel rail be used as a radiator?

A striking and stylish alternative to standard radiators, straight ladder towel rails can serve to keep towels and bathrooms toasty during colder months. Prefer the traditional look of a radiator?

What kind of valve does a radiator fit?

It seems that radiator part will only fit the valve that it was sold with as it uses it’s own thread & size for joining the two together whereas the outer ends are the standard sizes such as 1/2″ etc.

Why is my radiator fitting too big for my valve?

Click to expand… The radiator connector part and nut is slightly too big for the existing valves so really not sure what’s going on here. Actually just to clarify, when it says 15mm, I’m assuming it means just the size of the copper pipe connection with no relation to the fitting size between the radiator itself and the valve.

Which is the best way to install a radiator?

It is best to do this with the radiator led flat on its back. When you have measured the centre, you will need to work out the height of your radiator. You can do this by measuring from the top of the top bracket to the top of the bottom bracket. Again, it is best to do this with the radiator flat on its back.

Where can I buy a radiator for a towel?

Towel Radiators | Radiators | Buy Towel Radiators at Huge range online. Over 26,000 products online. Products reviewed by the trade and home improvers.

How do you cut the floor on a radiator?

To be sure that you are marking and cutting the floor in the correct area, attach the valve to the radiator before you take the measurements. Cut the floor and then attach the valve to the radiator and bend the pipes in line. (if your pipe is larger than 10mm, you will have to use joining elbows.)

Can a valve be affix to a radiator?

Using your adjustable spanner, affix your valves to the radiator on both sides. Once you are happy that the radiator and the pipework are sound, fire up your boiler and check that your radiator is warming up. If it is you can then put your floorboards and carpet back down.