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Where do I top up my gas card?

Where do I top up my gas card?

You can top up your gas card or electricity key at any of the following shops:

  1. Paypoint.
  2. Post Office.
  3. Payzone.

How do I top up my British Gas Pay as you go?

You can top-up using your Smart Card Number:

  1. On the App – download to top-up easily, whenever and wherever you want. Go to:
  2. Online – with your online account.
  3. At the shops – swipe your Smart Card at your local Payzone outlet or Post Office.
  4. By phone – call our support team, option 1.

Can I pay my gas bill at Asda?

Bill Payment From Gas and Electricity to TV Licensing there is a wide range of bills that can be paid at a PayPoint terminal in one of our stores. Just tell the colleague at the kiosk what it is you are paying, hand over the bill/card/meter key and we’ll do the rest.

Does Tesco do Payzone?

Buy paper bus tickets and top-ups for travel cards for trains, trams and buses at your local Payzone store. Now you have more time for coffee. Top-up your mobile and buy SIM cards and various international calling cards for major mobile network providers such as EE, 02, Tesco Mobile, Virgin Media and Vodafone.

Can I top up my Pay As You Go gas meter Online?

If you’ve got a Pay As You Go smart meter, it’s simple to top up whenever you need to. The easiest way is to top up online or use our SSE Top-Up app. You can also top up in any shop that offers PayPoint and branches of Post Office.

How do I get a gas card?

You can usually apply for a gas credit card at the gas station or online. With some cards, you may be able to choose a billing date that works for you.

Can you pay cash at Asda?

Asda is not preventing cash payments but on their website they say that card payment is preferred “if possible”. Many self-service tills are card or contactless payment only but some will accept cash.

Can TV Licence be paid at Post Office?

Can I pay my TV Licence at the Post Office? No, you can no longer pay for your TV Licence at the Post Office. If you do want to pay for your TV Licence in person you’ll need to apply for a payment card by calling 0300 555 0286 – there’s more information available here.

Is payzone a PayPoint or British Gas?

British Gas switched off the PayPoint network on 1st January 2020, so customers can now only pay their bills through a Payzone store or Post Office branch. British Gas wrote to all of their 1.8 million customers in December 2019, notifying them of the change. Join Payzone now so we can add you to our store finder!

Is Coop a Payzone?

Payzone has signed up 2,300 independents in the past six months, including independent Budgens, Bestway and Costcutter operators. Owned by the Post Office since 2018, Payzone now has terminals in 24,000 locations.

Are pay as you go meters more expensive?

Why are prepayment meters more expensive? One of the main reasons prepayment meters are more expensive than standard credit meters is simply that they are more effort for the suppliers. Standard meters also offer a wider choice of tariffs and suppliers, including cheap online deals, direct debit discounts and more.

Where can I Find my British Gas prepayment card?

Your CAB adviser can help you find your nearest top-up location. Please just ask. You can also find your nearest Payzone online: You can find your nearest Post Office here:

Where can I find Payzone for British Gas?

The great news is, Payzone and the Post Office have secured an exclusive contract with British Gas. So, rather than searching for a ‘British Gas PayPoint near me’, thousands of British Gas customers now need to find their nearest Post Office or Payzone store.

When do I need to update my Scottish Gas prepayment key?

Scottish Gas prepayment customers should still be able to use their existing key or card. However, your top up locations may change. If you have not topped-up your meters recently, you must do so before 31 December 2019 to ensure that your key or card is updated with the Payzone details.

When does my gas meter give me credit?

Your meter will first check to see if anything is owed before giving you credit for gas. If you have a weekly repayment rate the meter will take this amount from your first top up after a Wednesday morning each week. What if I don’t top up gas every week?

How does the prepayment meter work for gas?

Your meter will first check to see if anything is owed before giving you credit for gas. If you have a weekly repayment rate the meter will take this amount from your first top up after a Wednesday morning each week. I have a prepayment meter, but I think the balance is incorrect?

When do I run out of credit on my gas meter?

At this point, we can give you £5 emergency credit. To get your emergency credit, just insert your key into the meter and it will transfer your £5 credit. We won’t cut you off at night, even if you run out of credit. Friendly meter times are 6pm-9am in winter and 7pm-10am in the summer.

When do I need to use emergency credit for gas?

Don’t worry, for emergencies your meter will make £5 available to you (known as your emergency credit). You’ll need to pay this back when you next top up. For gas, you can use the emergency credit if you’ve got less than £2 left. Pop your card into the meter and pressing the red button ‘A’

What’s the best way to pay for prepayment electricity?

Just pop it in your meter until your meter and leave it for two minutes or until it beeps, simple. Top tip – make sure you use up your credit on your old card before using your new one.