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Where can I find the Corner Gas Wikiquote?

Where can I find the Corner Gas Wikiquote?

Your continued donations keep Wikiquote running! Corner Gas (2004-2009) is a Canadian situation comedy that airs on CTV and The Comedy Network . 1.4 Oh Baby! 2.15 Rock On! Brent: Want me to fill it up? Man: Sure. You know, I’ve never driven across Saskatchewan before. Brent: Well, you still haven’t, really. About halfway to go yet.

What happens at the gas station in Corner Gas?

Oscar: [to Emma] Your son is turning the gas station into a movie theatre! Brent: Bear in mind that Dad has a tendency to overstate things. Oscar: I have never overstated a single thing in the history of the planet! Brent: Well, you’re not in Toronto anymore, Lacey, with your grande-mocha-dappo-loppa-frappochinos! This is Saskatchewan!

What did Hank and Brent do at Corner Gas?

Brent: Nothin’ else to do. Hank: There’s freaky abstract art on the walls, and she put these weird cloths on the table. Brent: You mean tablecloths… Hank: It’s too much. She’s turned the coffee shop into a gay bar. Oscar: Who is?! Hank: Oh yeah, well, I got two words for ya. Boycott! I’m gonna put this place outta business.

What should I do if I have a lot of gas?

“If these measures don’t improve constipation and gas, a polyethylene glycol laxative can help,” she notes. “Since constipation causes gas and cramping, you should try to exercise regularly, stay hydrated and eat a healthy diet with plenty of fiber,” Veloso says.

How to get rid of trapped gas and gas pain?

Drink right before meals or up to three times daily as long as needed to reduce symptoms. Exercise can help release trapped gas and gas pain. Try walking after meals as a way to avoid gas. If you have gas pain, jumping rope, running, or walking may help you expel it.

Is it normal to have gas in your intestines?

Though gas pain is usually nothing serious, the discomfort can be intense. Intestinal gas and its discomfort are likely to resolve on their own. Burping or passing gas through the rectum (flatulence) is usually enough to ease your physical discomfort.

Is it normal to have gas trapped in your body?

Producing and passing gas is a normal part of your digestion. But when a bubble of gas gets stuck inside you, you want to relieve the pain as fast as possible. And if you have other symptoms, it’s a good idea to find out what’s causing the pain. Read on to learn how to relieve trapped gas, what the causes might be, and tips for prevention.