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Where are Bradford White water heaters made?

Where are Bradford White water heaters made?

the United States of America
We are Committed to American Manufacturing. We are an American-owned company and all of our manufacturing facilities are located in the United States of America. Bradford White proudly employs over 2,000 people at our manufacturing operations in Middleville, Niles and Delton, Michigan, and Rochester, New Hampshire.

What’s the capacity of a Bradford white water heater?

We are going to present Bradford white 50-gallon gas water heater review. Bradford White RG1PV50S6N water heater is suitable for those people who need a large amount of hot water. The capacity of the water tank is 50 gallons that have an input of 40000 BTU.

Which is the best brand of water heater?

Bradford White is one of the most recognizable brands in the water heater world. Established back in 1881 the company has been consistently producing top quality water heaters for its customers. The best feature of this brand is that it has water heaters available in almost all residential configurations.

How many people are employed by Bradford White?

From our start over 135 years ago to today, Bradford White’s goal is to deliver high quality, superior products. Today we proudly employ over 2,300 people at our American facilities. You can always count on the performance and reliability of our Built to be the Best ® products.

What is the warranty on Bradford White heaters?

Bradford White offers a warranty extension when purchasing your hot water heater. The standard warranty included on all models is 6 years.

Who makes Bradford White Water Heaters?

Bradford White is an employee owned American manufacturer of residential and commercial water heaters headquartered in Ambler, Pennsylvania, with its manufacturing facility located in Middleville , Michigan.

What is the age of Bradford white water heater?

Age Of Water Heater Bradford White. A water heater will last 10 to 20 years, depending on the type of unit and the hardness of the water. The average age at replacement is 13 years.7 Thus, most and Bradford White manufacture 88 percent of residential water heaters.

How do you replace an electric hot water heater?

Steps to Replace an Electric Water Heater Step 1: Turn off the breaker or remove the fuse for the water heater. Step 2: Disconnect the wiring from the water heater. Step 3: Close the valve close to the water heater on the cold line. Step 4: Drain the water heater. Step 5: Unsolder or cut the nearest copper joints on the hot and cold pipes.