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What was Christmas No 1 in 1978?

What was Christmas No 1 in 1978?

1978 “Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord” – Boney M. 1979 “Another Brick in the Wall” – Pink Floyd. 1980 “There’s No One Quite Like Grandma” – St Winifred’s School Choir.

What was Cliff Richard’s biggest hit?

We Don’t Talk Anymore
In 1979, Richard’s single “We Don’t Talk Anymore” became the highest selling record of his career achieving worldwide sales over 4 million.

Has Cliff Richard had a Christmas number 1?

Cliff Richard has spent four Christmases at number one; two as a solo act, one with The Shadows and one as part of Band Aid II.

Who has had most Christmas No 1?

the Beatles
There’s not many chart records the Beatles haven’t broken and, yes, they have the most Christmas Number 1s of everyone – four in total.

Who is John McElynn?

The person who will be his most staunch defender, though, and the man who spends the most time with the singer, is John McElynn, who was once known as Father John. They met at a tennis event in 2000, and within a year John had given up the priesthood and assumed a job as Cliff’s property manager.

How many No 1’s did Cliff Richard have?

He has scored an impressive 14 No. 1 singles and 7 No. 1 albums as a solo artist. He’s spent 333 Weeks in Top 10 and a whopping 970 weeks in the Top 40. Cliff is the third-top-selling artist in UK Singles Chart history, behind The Beatles and Elvis Presley.

What was Cliff Richard’s biggest selling single in the UK?

1960’s – Despite the world domination of The Beatles in the early 60s, this decade was huge for Cliff Richard. He had seven No. 1s, some of which remain firm fan favourites to this day. ‘The Young Ones’, taken from his film of the same name was his biggest-selling single in the UK in 1962.

What was Cliff Richard’s most popular song in 1963?

One of his most popular songs. 3 Jan 1963 Cliff Richard The Next Time / Bachelor Boy 3 6th No 1 Both tracks from his film “Summer Holiday”. 14 Mar 1963 Cliff Richard Summer Holiday 3 7th No 1 From Cliff’s film of the same name. Perhaps his best-loved song. 15 Apr 1965 Cliff Richard The Minute You’re Gone 1 8th No 1

Where can I find all the number one singles of all time?

On this page you can see every Official Singles Chart Number 1 in history. Click on the links above to jump to each decade. DANCE ON! HOW DO YOU DO IT? HELP!

When did mistletoe and wine hit number one?

“Mistletoe and Wine was number one, the album was number one, the video was number one… right across the board, he was the man.” Cliff’s success continued into 1989. In May he reached No 2 with The Best of Me – his 100th single – and followed with a No 3 hit, I Just Don’t Have the Heart.

When did Cliff Richard first start making music?

From when he began releasing music in 1958 right up until the 2000s, Cliff Richard was a regular presence on the charts. In the UK, he reached the singles top 10 in every decade from the 1950s to the 2000s inclusive, hitting the number 1 spot 14 times.

What was Cliff Richards first number one in the UK?

The first UK number 1 for Cliff Richard And The Drifters (as The Shadows were then called), “Living Doll” was written by songwriter and Oliver! creator Lionel Bart for the movie Serious Change, in which Cliff made his acting debut and performed the song.

Where did Saviour’s day go in the charts?

As Saviour’s Day climbed to No. 3, there was a three-way race with Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby and Madonna’s Justify My Love, which led Cliff in positions 1 and 2 respectively. But the week before Christmas, Saviour’s Day overtook Madonna to take the No 2 spot.