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What makeup colors make blue eyes pop?

What makeup colors make blue eyes pop?

Eyeshadows in peach and pink shades truly make blue eyes stand out and are great to use when you want to add some warmth to the skin, as well. Peach can be worn in any season and looks beautiful by itself, making a monochromatic peach shadow look ideal when wanting to enhance blue eyes.

What makeup is best for blue eyes?

When you want to make blue eyes stand out, choose bronze shadows with orange undertones. “This is because orange is the opposite of blue on the color wheel,” explains Ricky Wilson, a celebrity makeup artist, and when you place complimentary colors side by side they become more vibrant,” he says.

What color eyeliner makes blue eyes pop?

For Blue Eyes “Contrasting shades bring out the eye color, so copper and gold make blue eyes appear even bluer,” says Tilbury. And when warm metallics pick up gold flashes in the iris, they really light up cool blue eyes. Dot just the inner corners, keep the liner tight to the lash line, or fill in the whole lid.

What mascara color is best for blue eyes?

For blue eyes: Swipe on a violet mascara, using the L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Original Washable Bold Eye Mascara in Deep Violet. This rich shade will bring out the ocean-like tones in your eyes while still offering a bit of contrast.

What color makes blue eyes look bluer?

A dark or basic blue complements blue eyes. Wear a bold lipstick color, such as a bright red, to make your blue eyes look even bluer (leaving your eyelids bare or nude color). Use a dark black or brown eyeliner to complete this look, leaving your eyes and lips the center of attention.

How do you make blue eyes pop with natural makeup?

Colors with warm tones complement blue eyes. For a natural look, pick a beige, light gold, or a similar light neutral eyeshadow. Blend it in lightly over your eyelid with an eyeshadow brush. You want enough to contrast with your eyes, but not enough to look obvious from a distance.

How can I make my blue eyes look beautiful?

try hues of yellow. Since dark blue eyes can sometimes appear almost black in color, a good way to brighten them up is with a touch of yellow-tinted eye shadow. Golden hues will help enhance dark blue eyes to make them appear slightly lighter while bringing attention to the baby blue flecks in your irises.

What is best eyeliner color for blue eyes?

The Best Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes: Slate-Gray Eyeliner While you’d think a black liner would offer the most contrast for blue eyes, it can often times appear too harsh. “Slate colors look great on both blue and green eyes,” says Vanngo.

What kind of eyeshadow is best for blue eyes?

“This is because orange is the opposite of blue on the color wheel,” explains Ricky Wilson, a celebrity makeup artist, and when you place complimentary colors side by side they become more vibrant,” he says. For a minimal daytime look, blend a bronzy brown shadow from your lash lines to the creases as seen on Cameron Diaz.

What’s the best way to make blue eyes stand out?

Who is the Best Makeup artist for blue eyes?

Here, we asked celebrity makeup artists Hung Vanngo and Fiona Stiles (who have both worked on blue-eyed supermodels like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Stella Maxwell) for their insight on the best makeup colors for every shade of blue eyes. Read on!

What makes your eyes look brighter with blue eyeliner?

“Sticking to this electric, vibrant color will allow the shades to play off each other,” explains Stiles. By using a bright blue eyeliner that’s a few shades darker than the color of your iris, eyes will appear drastically brighter. We could sing love songs about this eyeliner for days. It does not come off until you want it to.

What kind of makeup to use on blue eyes?

Golds, coppers, peaches, and oranges are an excellent addition and can be used along with the browns, or on their own for a more dramatic look. The warm undertones of these shades do wonders for sharpening blue eyes and can even bring out golden flecks that are frequently seen in blue eyes if you look close.

How can I Make my Blue Eyes stand out?

It used to be said that if you want to make blue eyes stand out, you needed to choose an orange eye-shadow. The real case, though is that if you want to accentuate a color, put it next to a color that is opposite on the color wheel. Rarely are eyes a pure blue. That would make them boring.

Can you use blue eyeshadow on brown eyes?

Generally speaking, if you want to make a color stand out, you’re not going to do it by using the same color. While blue eyeshadow works well with brown eyes, it does not work as well with blue. It actually washes out the color of your eyes, and can just end up looking overwhelming and “too much”. How to make blue eyes pop with eyeliner?

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