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What is the another word for beauty?

What is the another word for beauty?

What is another word for beauty?

attractiveness prettiness
comeliness loveliness
charm grace
allure appeal
elegance gorgeousness

What is another word for beautiful soul?

In this page you can discover 118 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for beautiful, like: lovely, pulchritudinous, attractive, gorgeous, elegant, exquisite, dainty, dazzling, delightful, pretty and majestic.

What is the most powerful word for beautiful?

With that out of the way, here are ten words that are stronger than beautiful (but aren’t perfect).

  1. Stunning. Stunning is used to describe someone who is very attractive.
  2. Enthralling.
  3. Breath-taking.
  4. Radiant.
  5. Exquisite.
  6. Mesmerizing.
  7. Sublime.
  8. Divine.

How do you describe a beautiful woman?

Glowing softly radiant or bright; full of praise; highly energetic or enthusiastic; beautiful. Goddess a female of incredible beauty, grace and charm; a female deity. Good-looking handsome; beautiful; attractive; pleasing in appearance. Gorgeous very beautiful or magnificent; wonderful; delightful.

What is a powerful one word?

In this page you can discover 87 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for powerful, like: mighty, indomitable, omnipotent, influential, strong, dominant, stalwart, dynamical, herculean, ruling and vigorous.

Which is the best definition of the word beautifully?

Beautiful, handsome, lovely, pretty refer to a pleasing appearance. A person or thing that is beautiful has perfection of form, color, etc., or noble and spiritual qualities: a beautiful landscape, a beautiful woman. Handsome often implies stateliness or pleasing proportion and symmetry: a handsome man.

How does the adjective beautiful differ from other similar words?

How does the adjective beautiful differ from other similar words? Some common synonyms of beautiful are comely , fair , handsome , lovely , and pretty . While all these words mean “exciting sensuous or aesthetic pleasure,” beautiful applies to whatever excites the keenest of pleasure to the senses and stirs emotion through the senses.

What is the etymology of the word’beautiful’?

So “beauty” is strictly derived from French beauté ( early old French spelling biauté), beau = beautiful (which is ultimately from Latin word bellus) and – té = – ty (in English, which probably derived strictly from French also.) as a suffix to form the abstract quality. So in English, instead o… Loading… Yes!

How to say Beautiful in six different languages?

Six Languages With Gendered Words for Beautiful Language Feminine Word for Beautiful Masculine Word for Beautiful Arabic jamila jamile French belle beau Italian bellissima bellissimo Spanish hermosa hermoso

What is a synonym for Pretty?

Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate these synonyms: pretty(a) Synonyms: handsome, attractive, neat, trim, tasteful, pleasing, beautiful, fine, comely pretty. Synonyms:

What is the meaning of the word beautiful?

The definition of beautiful is having qualities that are pleasing to the senses. A gorgeous young woman, a mother dog taking care of her young and a picturesque sunset are each an example of something that is beautiful. YourDictionary definition and usage example. “Beautiful.”.

What is the meaning of Pretty Girl?

1. adjective. If you describe a woman or girl as pretty, you mean that they look nice and are attractive in a delicate way. She’s a very charming and very pretty girl. Synonyms: attractive, appealing, beautiful, sweet More Synonyms of pretty.

What does pretty mean?

pretty(Adjective) Cunning; clever, skilful. pretty(Adjective) Pleasant in sight or other senses; attractive, especially of women or children. pretty(Adjective) Of objects or things: nice-looking, appealing. pretty(Adjective) Fine-looking; only superficially attractive; initially appealing but having little substance.