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What is seasoning wood and why is it necessary?

What is seasoning wood and why is it necessary?

By seasoning your firewood, you give it time to allow most of the moisture to evaporate off beforehand. So, when you put it on your fire, it burns as cleanly and efficiently as possible. This means less dirt and minimal damage to the environment and air we breath!

What is the purpose of seasoning?

Seasoning means to bring out or intensify the natural flavour of the food without changing it. Seasonings are usually added near the end of the cooking period. The most common seasonings are salt, pepper, and acids (such as lemon juice).

How is seasoning used in the drying of wood?

Seasoning is the process of drying timber to remove the bound moisture contained in walls of the wood cells to produce seasoned timber.

How does seasoning of timber affect its strength?

In case of chemical seasoning, timber is stored in suitable salt solution for some time. The salt solution used has the tendency to absorb water from the timber. So, the moisture content is removed and then timber is allowed to drying. It affects the strength of the timber.

What causes defects in the seasoning of wood?

Faulty method of seasoning causes serious defects in woods. During seasoning of timber, exterior or surface layer of the timber dries before the interior surface. So, stress is developed due to the difference in shrinkage. In a perfect seasoning process, stress is kept minimum by controlling the shrinkage.

What happens to cells of wood during seasoning?

During heating the cells of wood or timber they lose their strength and become weak. By seasoning, some common known qualities are improved which are mentioned below: Following precautions must be taken during seasoning of timber. During seasoning, the moisture should be removed under an environment maintaining conditions.

What do you need to know about seasoning wood?

Seasoning Process. Seasoning is the process of reducing and eliminate the moisture content from wood before using. It also is known as the wood drying process or wood seasoning. This process is done to minimize problems when used in woodworking to provide wood warping or to provide less smoke and more uniform combustion when used as firewood.

Why does it take so long to season Wood?

You want the seasoning process to be even and steady. If your stack is in the direct sun, or gets wet when it rains then you will have problems. The sun dries the wood out too fast and the rain causes the wood to swell again by taking in the moisture rather than drying.

Which is the most common method of seasoning of timber?

1. Natural Seasoning of Timber. Air Seasoning of Timber. This is as yet the most common process of seasoning of timber used throughout the world. In this process, timber sleepers, planks, etc., cut from the wood logs are stacked in the open air.

Why is air seasoning important to the seasoning process?

Air seasoning Exposing the woods to air for seasoning. At first, a platform is required that is built on the ground at 300mm height above the ground. Secondly, the arrangement of woods in layers. Air circulation is maintained between logs because it helps to reduce the moisture which is important for seasoning.