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What is a battery back up sump pump?

What is a battery back up sump pump?

Battery backup sump pumps are used to supplement primary pumps by giving you several hours of additional protection from water damage if your primary pump fails due to power outages, mechanical failure, or excessive use.

How much does it cost to install a battery backup?

Electricity and battery backups. Adding a more suitable electrical outlet could cost an extra $100 to $200, while installing an optional backup battery system usually tacks on $200 to $350.

Can a battery backup be added to a sump pump?

If you are wondering how to add battery backup to the existing sump pump and whether you can do it yourself, the answer is yes, you can. Before commencing, please ensure that the purchased sump pump battery backup system is compatible with the existing sump pump.

How can I tell if my sump pump battery is working?

The easiest way is to see if the battery has a sight glass that will indicate low electrolyte levels. The other way is to check the battery’s performance using a multi-meter. *Pro Tip: Regardless of type, you should never place or store a battery directly on the ground.

Can a sump pump be used in a power outage?

Whether you like to be prepared or are someone who has had to clean up a flooded basement, you understand that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In a power outage, sump pumps are useless without a backup power source like a sump pump battery.

What does maintenance free mean on sump pump batteries?

The term “maintenance-free” can be misleading depending on the battery type. For wet-cell types, maintenance-free means these batteries are sealed and are sometimes valve-regulated (VRLA) in which the hydrogen and oxygen produced by the cells are reconstituted back into the water, thereby reducing leakage and rapid evaporation.

How much does a backup sump pump cost?

They know that as soon as their single pump, or the power it’s connected to stops, the flooding can begin. Quality backup sump pump systems range from $1,000 to $4,500 installed. When choosing a system for your home there are a variety of factors to consider.

What is a basement pump?

A sump pump keeps the space beneath your basement, and your basement itself, from flooding during excessive storms. The sump is a small reservoir under your basement that is meant to fill when groundwater levels rise, instead of letting the water seep into the basement and cause damage.

What is water powered pump?

Water powered sump pumps make use of the water pressure from the city water to produce a pressure difference that pumps water from the sump pits. There are water powered sump pumps that are automated. In that when the primary pump fails, it starts the pumping.