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What height should a stairway handrail be?

What height should a stairway handrail be?

between 34 and 38 inches
Handrail Height In the U.S., the I-Codes require handrail placed between 34 and 38 inches. In commercial applications, the NBC permits the top or a guard (42″ minimum height) to also serve as handrail. In the U.S., once a stair has a 30″ drop, a guard (42″ minimum) and a handrail (34″ to 38″) would both be required.

What is the slope of stairs?

Stair Slope in Degrees and Rise and Run Relationships The sum of one rise and run should equal 17″ – 18″ The sum of two risers and one run should equal 24″ – 25″ One rise times run should equal 70″ – 75″ The acceptable slope is between 20 and 50 degrees, with the preferred slope being between 30 and 35 degrees.

How tall does a stair rail have to be to be a handrail?

Section 1910.29 (f) (1) (iii) (A) allows the top rail of a stair rail system to serve as a handrail when the stair rail system is not less than 36 inches (91 cm) and not more than 38 inches (97 cm) in height. The preamble to the final rule states:

Is it illegal not to have handrails on stairs?

There are no specific building regulations regarding stair handrail brackets. Is it illegal not to have a handrail on stairs? Building regulations state that stairs less than 1000mm wide should have a handrail on at least one side. Stairs that have a width of more than 1000mm should have a handrail on both sides.

How much clearance do you need for railings on stairs?

Wall clearance: Handrails along a wall must have at least 1.5″ of clearance between the inside surface of the rail and the wall surface. Railings should not project into the required width of the stairway by more than 4.5″ at or below the handrail height above the stairs.

When do you need railing on both sides of a staircase?

If you have an open side of the staircase, meaning one side doesn’t have a wall but is open to the floor below, you need to prevent this falling hazard by installing a railing on that side. If you have two open sides, railings need to be on both sides. Any railing on an open side of the staircase also needs to have stair guards.

How tall should handrails be on exterior stairs?

Optimal Handrail Height. Most building codes require handrails for exterior stairs to be between 34 inches and 38 inches above the stair nosings. This means that a handrail’s height is measured from the top of the stair treads, or horizontal stepping members. The top of the handrail is the upper limit of this measurement,…

How are stair treads and risers related to handrails?

Handrails form just one part of your staircase. To ensure your staircase is safe, you’ll need to take into account the other stair parts covered by Part K of the Building Regulations. Treads and risers are key staircase parts directly related to handrail height: A riser is the vertical section between each tread on a staircase.

What’s the minimum height for a stair step?

Minimum 10 inch stair tread depth with nosing or Minimum 11 inches with no nosing. Handrail graspability to be either Type I or II with a Minimum 1-1/2 inch clearance from a wall. Handrail height to be placed a Minimum 34 inches to 38 inches.

How tall is the hand rail around the landing?

Everything is okay EXCEPT he has failed it on the height of the hand rail around the landing. The stairs are in two flights of 7 stairs with a half landing forming the 180 degree turn. At the top of the stairs, the landing runs around 3 sides of the stairs giving access to all the upstairs rooms.