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What does priority button mean on tankless water heater?

What does priority button mean on tankless water heater?

When you press the “Priority button,” the green light will glow, indicating that the controller controls the temperature and that a water heater is ready. Rinnai water heaters work in the temperature range from 98 F to 140 F, while they come with the factory setting of approximately 120-125 F.

Is there a warranty on a Rinnai Water Heater?

Hot water is always available. Rinnai tankless water heaters last up to twice as long, have twice the warranty, and save energy as they only heat water when it is needed. Consumer financing and rebates are also often available.

How does the Rinnai hydronic air handler system work?

Rinnai Vent-Free Convectors push heat to the farthest reaches of the room, evenly warming larger spaces and maximizing cost-savings. The Rinnai Hydronic Air Handler System easily integrates with select tankless water heaters or boilers to deliver energy-efficient warmth.

Why is my Rinnai tankless water heater not draining?

Confirm the condensate line has an air gap between unit and drain line leaving the unit. Check for loose, broken, or damaged connections from sensor to the PC board. If tank is correctly draining but error code 25 persists, replace the condensate tank and sensor.

What does error code 05 on Rinnai Water Heater mean?

How to Fix: Turn off power supply to the unit and then turn back on. Open a hot water tap to fire up the unit. If error code “05” reappears, bypass valve will need replacing. What it Means: Circulation flow rate has dropped below 2.1 gpm.

How do I tell the age of a Rinnai Water Heater?

The manufacture date may also be stated after the serial number. Starting in late 2009, it was switched to a letter-code, with first letter of the serial number being the year and the second letter the month of manufacture. So the serial number above indicates the water heater was manufactured in January, 2013.

How to troubleshoot a Rinnai tankless water heater?

Remove the vent system from the top of the water heater. Fire the product and see if the unit will operate without the vent system connected. If the unit operates without coding out at that point that’s a great indication the problem is in the vent system leaving the unit.

How often should I Clean my Rinnai Water heater screen?

Know that a tankless water is NOT a “set it and forget it” water heater. You should visit the heater at least once every three months. The Rinnai is typical of other tankless heaters in that the unit has a screen filter that should be kept clean. Watch this short video for steps needed to clean the filter.

Are there no lights coming on the Rinnai controller?

There are no lights coming on the Rinnai controller and thus no error codes. Unit is plugged in and outlet has been tested. Is the unit working? It doesn’t need the controller to work. The water servo may have a short thus taking out the display.