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What does Plato say about beauty?

What does Plato say about beauty?

According to Plato, Beauty was an idea or Form of which beautiful things were consequence. Beauty by comparison begins in the domain of intelligible objects, since there is a Form of beauty.

What is love according to Plato Symposium?

Love is the desire we have to find our other half, in order to become whole. Agathon follows Aristophanes, and his speech sees Eros as youthful, beautiful, and wise; and as the source of all human virtues.

What did Aristotle say about love?

Aristotle viewed love and its prerequisite of self-love in quite a different fashion. His focus was what is best for the other not simply what is best for ourselves only; the community over the individual. Aristotle’s self-lover was considered noble because he thought of himself first in order to love others properly.

What makes something or someone beautiful?

In the presence of beautiful things, we feel a broad range of emotions, such as fascination, awe, feelings of transcendence, wonder, and admiration. Aesthetic emotions are experienced through vision, hearing, touch, taste, smell and cognitive processing in response to respected stimuli.

How does Phaedrus define love?

Phaedrus asserts that both gods and humans regard Love as great and awesome, for many reasons. As Love is the oldest, Phaedrus suggests, he confers the greatest benefits. No young man could derive greater benefit than from a good lover, and no lover could derive greater benefit than from a young loved one.

Did Plato say Love is a serious mental disease?

Plato said that ‘love is a grave mental disease’ and, if you’ve ever been in love you would probably agree with him.

What does Diotima say about love?

Diotima replies once more that not everything must be one thing or its opposite. Love is neither mortal nor immortal, but is a spirit, which falls somewhere between being a god and being human.

What does Socrates say about love?

Socrates states that, “Love is the conciousness of a need for a good not yet acquired or possessed.” In other words we want what we do not have, and at times cannot have. Love for Socrates is a superficial occurrence and only based on the things in life that seem to be pleasing to the eye.

What makes a person not a beautiful person?

A pessimist is not that attractive, not because their beliefs about things might not turn out well; it’s that they often lack passion for something that’s positive. Some people are passionate about hatred. When you see someone who’s passionate and enraged with anger, that’s not beautiful, it’s scary.

How to describe the personality of the person you love most?

She is not too talkative but she is able to talk and be friendly with strangers. These are the personality I personally would like to obtain. He is intelligent, passionate about technology and cooking, and an excellent conversationalist. He can be stubborn at times, but also very caring and protective of the people he loves.

Is the beauty of a person always on the face?

Well! beauty is not always on a face. A person is beautiful if he or she does not have negative thoughts in the mind or heart. But in today’s era, people judge the person from the face, not from their heart. Beauty is a beautiful creation of God.

What makes a person such a good person?

A person who is authentically themselves is someone who is true to who they are. Their unique spirit is on display because they aren’t mimicking the world. They aren’t trying to be somebody else.

When do you think a person is beautiful?

A person is beautiful if he or she does not have negative thoughts in the mind or heart. But in today’s era, people judge the person from the face, not from their heart. Beauty is a beautiful creation of God.

Can a person love someone who cannot love?

People who are in a relationship with a person who cannot love should realize that this has nothing to do with them. They deserve better. There are so many people out there who, unlike Nicky’s ex, are not emotionally numb. So whatever happens, Nicky is best off not taking Jake back.

Why do people love the person they are in love with?

Neuroscientists believe that “brain-chemical” opposites are more likely to make changes for the better. For example, an “Alpha” personality has more incentive to improve themselves if they love a person with a laid-back, nourishing type of character.

Do you love others because they are lovable?

He didn’t save us because we were lovable; He saved us because His love caused Him to sacrifice Himself for us. Do we love others enough to sacrifice for them, even when they are not lovable?