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What did Brandi do to her face?

What did Brandi do to her face?

“[Second] degree burns all over my face from an accident with a psoriasis light. I am still healing.” She shared more details about the accident when pressed by confused fans asking if she did this “to herself.” “It was an accident obviously,” she said.

Is Brandi lying about Denise?

Glanville doubled down on her claims in an exclusive interview with Us Weekly later that month. “I’m not lying,” she insisted. “People can say whatever they want to say. Listen, it doesn’t matter because I know my truth and the truth is setting me free right now because I don’t have to keep this f—king secret anymore.

Did Brandi get her dog back?

Brandi Glanville never got her dog Chica back. In the aftermath of the loss, Brandi ended up blaming and then firing her personal assistant for Chica going missing. In 2014, a woman reached out to Brandi claiming she had found Chica, but it was a false alarm.

Are Lisa Rinna and Denise still friends?

Lisa Rinna treated Denise Richards are no longer friends after Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 10. After the way that Lisa Rinna treated Denise Richards during The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 10, it comes as no surprise that the two former friends became involved in a nasty feud.

Are Kyle and Brandi still friends?

Kyle Richards and Brandi Glanville are friends once again. After some rocky tensions between the two, back in 2019, the co-stars decided to leave the past in the past, settle their differences, and move forward together as friends.

Are Brandi and Carlton still friends?

We are just friends.” Brandi previously claimed she had a months-long affair in 2019 with Denise and revealed intimate details about their sex, which the reality star said had to be kept a secret from Denise’s husband, Aaron Phypers.

Did Brandi Glanville find Chica?

Does Brandi find Chico?

Chica may be gone but Chico is home now. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville has found herself a new adorable pooch while the search for her lost dog continues. ‘We have a new family member until Chica comes back to us,’ she tweeted on Sunday, adding: ‘His name is Chico. ‘

Why did Brandi turn against Lisa?

Brandi Glanville vs. Things between the costars seemingly hit a point of no return during the season 4 trip to Puerto Rico after Brandi accused Lisa of bringing tabloids, which accused Kyle Richards’ husband of cheating, on the trip.

What was the secret Adrienne?

REAL Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville spilled a “personal secret” about Adrienne Maloof sparking a years-long feud. Glanville revealed Maloof used a surrogate to have her twins Christian and Colin, according to Us Weekly at the time. The twins were just 6-years-old at the time.

Are Adrienne and Brandi still friends?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans first met Brandi when she joined in season two, as a friend of Adrienne Maloof’s. These days, Adrienne loves to show off her pets on Instagram. Brandi accused Lisa of lying and the friendship went downhill. She later got close to Kim Richards, and the two are still close today.

Who is Brandi Rhodes and what does she do?

Brandi Alexis Runnels (née Reed) known professionally as Brandi Rhodes, is an American professional wrestler, business woman and reality television personality. Rhodes is the Chief Brand Officer of professional wrestling promotion All Elite Wrestling (AEW), where she also serves as an in-ring talent.

How tall is Brandi Hitt from ABC News?

Before joining ABC News, back in 2010, Hitt with the height of 5 feet and 4 inches, joined KTLA as a reporter and anchor. She worked there till 2012 and received L.A.’s Golden Mike Award. And, before joining KTLA, in the year 2005, she worked as an anchor and reporter at KOVR in Sacramento.

What did Brandi Glanville say about her sister?

Not much of a joke: Brandi said she was ‘super-bummed’ not to be molested when she was younger, pictured as a little girl Bold claims: Brandi (right) said her older sister Tricia (left) was ‘felt up’ by their school principal, pictured as teenagers in the Eighties Jim replied, ‘Did you feel hurt by that?’ to which Brandi responded, ‘Yeah.

What did Brandi Passante do with her friends?

Brandi also made it clear she would be enjoying brunches and grabbing a drink with friends as soon as she was able to. Like the rest of the world, she is OVER being stuck at home. As some of the U.S. starts to enjoy warmer weather, Brandi Passante let the “girls” out to play.

Where did Brandi Glanville live most of her life?

Glanville was born in Salinas, California and raised in Sacramento, California as the middle child of Judith (née Swinehart) and Guy Glanville.

Why did Brandi Glanville look unrecognizable during Australian morning show?

Former “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Brandi Glanville looked unrecognizable in a recent interview with Australia’s “The Morning Show.” The new look didn’t go unnoticed by fans, with one commenting, “Honey, just say ‘NO’ to #plasticsurgery!!!” Another added, “Omg so much plastic surgery is not good.”

What kind of suit does Brandi Passante wear?

The collection of photos of Brandi Passante’s daughter Payton accumulated nearly 8,000 likes and just shy of 400 comments. Many quickly praised the young brunette on how spectacular she looked in her red pant suit. In fact, here were some of the supportive comments:

Who is Brandi Passante dating in Storage Wars?

Brandi Passante from Storage Wars is always linked with Jarrod Schulz, but they’ve actually broken up, and we’ve gathered some fascinating facts about Brandi’s life this year. Now that Brandi is living a new life as a single woman, fans are very curious about what she’s up to.