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Is nerdify real?

Is nerdify real?

Nerdify is a real writing service but with contradictional students’ reviews and feedback. They also provide low-quality papers that will not bring good grades, and it is better to stay away from them.

How reliable is EduBirdie?

Is EduBirdie legit / legal? EduBirdie is totally legal. It simply provides students with writing samples and research assistance in order to help them perfect their essay writing skills. Furthermore, EduBirdie does not tolerate plagiarism.

Is it legal to buy essays online?

There is no law against buying papers at writing services because it can be viewed as a type of online tutoring. You pay to get a better understanding of your research question or the topic suggested by your professor.

Can you get caught using Edubirdie?

A lot of students are concerned about being caught using Edubirdie. There is the worry that their professor or teacher will find out and punish them for using a writing service. But there is nothing illegal about using a service, and it can be a fantastic way to learn and improve your skills.