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Is it hard to wire a new thermostat?

Is it hard to wire a new thermostat?

Connecting the wires on your new thermostat isn’t that difficult. On the mount, you’ll notice that there are letters. Each letter stands for a different colored wire: “G” – green, “R” – red, and so on. Simply insert each colored wire in its corresponding initialed receptor.

Can you replace a thermostat with a switch?

A thermostat is just a switch.” No matter how fancy the stat, its function is a simple turn-it-on, turn-it-off switch. You could replace a thermostat with a light switch, and the heating equipment would never know the difference.

Which is better a mercury switch or a digital thermostat?

Almost every thermostat on the market today is a better alternative than a mercury switch-type. Even the cheapest digital thermostats have schedules, so that they can have different heating points during the morning, daytime, evening and overnight, and range from having weekend vs weekday to 7-day indepedent schedules.

How to replace an old Honeywell mercury thermostat?

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What’s the connection between your and W on a thermostat?

Typically you’re going to connect the two wires between R (or Rh) and W. Agree that the modern thermostats are a huge improvement, but consider: a bi-metallic strip and a glass bulb with two electrodes and a drop of mercury. Functions for close to a century. No firmware upgrades, no Blue Screen of Death, no re-booting…

What’s the best way to connect a digital thermostat?

To connect a basic digital thermostat to the 2-wires, the best thing is to follow the instructions that come with the thermostat. Typically you’re going to connect the two wires between R (or Rh) and W.