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Is Dgk still a brand?

Is Dgk still a brand?

Dirty Ghetto Kids (DGK) is an American skateboard company, producing skateboards and apparel. The brand is distributed by The Kayo Corp, a partnership that was established through Stevie Williams and Troy Morgan of The Kayo Corp.

Who made Dgk?

Stevie Williams
Troy Morgan
Dirty Ghetto Kids/Founders

Who skates for Dgk?

The DGK team features Williams and fellow pros Marcus McBride (with DGK since the very beginning), Josh Kalis, Jack Curtin, Rodrigo Tx, Lenny Rivas, Wade Desarmo and Keelan Dadd, along with ams Dane Vaughn, Marquis Henry, Derrick Wilson, Dwayne Fagundes and Boo Johnson.

How long do Dgk boards last?

In canada, dgk boards run from 69.99–89.99 and personally i dont recommend them in that price bracket: In the aflrementioned conversation, we noticed that most people who get a dgk once tend not to buy another, and they dont seem to last more than 30 days.

What kind of clothing does DGK make?

With graphics, apparel and accessories (t shirts, wallets, hats, shoes, pants, short, and more) designed to celebrate its humble roots, DGK resonates with a broad variety of people that can identify with the company’s core message of no matter where you start, you have the potential to succeed at whatever you put your mind to.

What does DGK stand for in skate culture?

DGK Helps You Go from Negative to Positive and its All Good. DGK is the premier urban skate and apparel brand. Started in 2002, the company is a tribute to skateboarders from less advantaged backgrounds. The acronym which stands for Dirty Ghetto Kids (DGK) represents taking something negative and turning it into something positive.

Which is the best place to buy DGK Skateboards?

DGK makes the best quality skateboards, tees, and apparel for inner-city youth, and Zumiez is the place to get DGK. DGK ALL DAY.

What kind of clothes do DGK skaters wear?

DGK clothing and accessories are perfect for those who identify with their message or simply like the urban style of their shirts, pants, hats, and other clothing and accessories offered by DGK.