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How old is McCracken?

How old is McCracken?

39 years (February 25, 1982)
Bert McCracken/Age

How tall is McCracken?

1.7 m
Bert McCracken/Height

Is Bert from the Used married?

Alison Schneiderm. 2008
Bert McCracken/Spouse

Where is Bert McCracken from?

Provo, Utah, United States
Bert McCracken/Place of birth

Did Bert McCracken lose a child?

In 2004, McCracken’s then-pregnant ex-girlfriend Kate died of a drug overdose, as the recording of The Used’s second album In Love and Death was coming to a close. Their second child, Minerva “Minnie” Bloom McCracken, was born on March 23, 2018.

Who did Bert McCracken date?

Burt first appeared in Series 2 of The Osbournes in the episode Beauty and the Bert. Here, it was revealed that Kelly had started dating him.

Is Bert McCracken Mormon?

McCracken was born in Provo, Utah, and grew up in Orem, Utah. He was raised in a Mormon family with three sisters (Katie, Melanie, Rachel) and one younger brother (Joseph Taylor).

When did Bert McCracken get clean?

In 2012 McCracken had had enough. He was constantly hitting what he thought to be rock bottom — only to hit an even lower place again and again. “You have these moments that seemed like nothing could get any worse,” he told 10 Daily.

Why did Kelly Osbourne and Bert break up?

Meanwhile Kelly was furious with Bert and his band, attacking them in many interviews and claimed the break up was because of his ego. It didn’t help that The Used became more popular due to The Osbournes to the dismay of the band members who believed no one was truly listening to their music.

Is Bert still in The Used?

Bert McCracken: ​“The Used made it awful for all the true punk bands, we weren’t afraid of radio or MTV” The 36-year-old singer has spent the front end of the summer playing shows on the last ever Warped Tour with his band The Used, a run which ended two days earlier in Nashville.

Why did Kelly and Bert break up?

Is Bert McCracken still on drugs?

McCracken has struggled with drug addiction and alcoholism in the past, the former referenced in the song “Bulimic” on The Used’s self-titled album. However, he has since overcome his addictions, being sober since 2012.

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How old is Bert McCracken of the used?

Bert McCracken’s age is 38. Alternative rock singer, songwriter, and guitarist who fronted the American band, The Used, the group known for songs like a cover of Queen and David Bowie’s song “Under Pressure.” The 38-year-old rock singer was born in Orem, Utah, USA. He joined his first band, I’m With Stupid, at age twelve and played the trumpet.

What kind of person is Bert McCracken Pisces?

Zodiac Sign: Bert McCracken is a Pisces. People of this zodiac sign like romance, to sleep, spiritual themes and dislike the know-it-all, to be criticized, and cruelty of any kind. The strengths of this sign are being compassionate, artistic, gentle, wise, while weaknesses can be to be fearful, overly trusting and desire to escape reality.

What kind of clothes did Bert McCracken wear?

Bert McCracken was born in 1980s. The 1980s was the decade of big hair, big phones, pastel suits, Cabbage Patch Kids, Rubik’s cubes, Yuppies, Air Jordans, shoulder pads and Pac Man.

How many brothers and sisters does Bert McCracken have?

McCracken was born in Provo, Utah and grew up in Orem, Utah, and was raised in a Mormon family. He has three sisters (Katie, Melanie, Rachel) and one younger brother (Joseph Taylor). McCracken has stated that he read quite vigorously growing up, due to the influence of his mother who was a school teacher.