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How do you use abundance?

How do you use abundance?

Use “abundance” in a sentence | “abundance” sentence examples

  1. The abundance of money ruins youth.
  2. The area has an abundance of wildlife.
  3. Wishing you two an abundance of love and happiness.
  4. There was an abundance of corn last year.
  5. We were amazed by the sheer abundance of food.

What does abundance mean?

1 : an ample quantity : an abundant amount : profusion a city that has an abundance of fine restaurants. 2 : affluence, wealth a life of abundance. 3 : relative degree of plentifulness low abundances of uranium and thorium— H. C. Urey.

When can I use abundant?

Examples of abundant in a Sentence Rainfall is more abundant in summer. It is the most abundant bird in the forest. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word ‘abundant.

What is an example of abundance?

The definition of abundance is to have a large amount of something, or to have wealth. An example of abundance would be having a huge crop of corn for the year. A great supply; more than sufficient quantity. Affluence; prosperity.

How do I live an abundance life?

15 Ways to Live an Abundant Life

  1. Make the best use of your time. Time management is a very useful skill to learn as it helps us stay organized and focus on our goals.
  2. Know your strengths.
  3. Celebrate your success.
  4. Rise early.
  5. Learn new skills.
  6. Never miss an opportunity.
  7. Have few but true friends.
  8. Enjoy life.

Is abundance a positive word?

To have an abundance of something is to have more than you need. It’s often used to describe positive qualities, such as “an abundance of love.” Abundance is the opposite of scarcity.

How do I bring abundance into my life?

11 Ways to Attract Abundance in Your Life

  1. Begin with gratitude.
  2. Dream it.
  3. Alter your mindset.
  4. Construct an empowering reality.
  5. Stop making excuses.
  6. Realize your potential.
  7. Attract opportunity.
  8. Commit to living your dreams.

What is to live in abundance?

Living an abundant life means you should be able to enjoy your life now without waiting for something big in the future. You don’t need certain amount of money or certain level of success to be happy. You can be happy right now with what you have. Read 30 Simple Ways to Enjoy Life for some ideas on how to enjoy life.

What does it mean to live life more abundantly?

The term “abundant life” comes from the Bible verse John 10:10b, “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” “More abundantly” means to have a superabundance of a thing. “Abundant life” refers to life in its abounding fullness of joy and strength for spirit, soul and body.

What is the meaning of living in abundance?

“Abundant life” refers to life in its abounding fullness of joy and strength for spirit, soul and body. “Abundant life” signifies a contrast to feelings of lack, emptiness, and dissatisfaction, and such feelings may motivate a person to seek for the meaning of life and a change in their life.

What is the meaning of abundance in one word?

noun. an extremely plentiful or oversufficient quantity or supply: an abundance of grain. overflowing fullness: abundance of the heart. affluence; wealth: the enjoyment of abundance.

Can affirmations make you rich?

Campbell believes that affirmations not only make you feel better about yourself, but also will make you richer. “The positive affirmations really help you. They juice up your energy,” Campbell says. To her, the affirmations are a part of getting dressed and ready to face the world.