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How do you get perfume in Harvest Moon?

How do you get perfume in Harvest Moon?

You can make Shining perfume by putting any 5 flowers in the mixer. 5 roses, or 5 sunflowers and so on .

Can you get married in Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility?

To get married, the player must raise the chosen person’s heart level to 8 hearts. Marriage is optional, but if the player chooses to do so, they’ll have to find a blue feather to propose. The player can choose when they want to get married. After the player is married, they will have a child.

How do you have a baby in Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility?

Let’s Go To School!

  1. It must be Year 2 or later.
  2. You must have married a special candidate (Gill/Luke/Owen or Luna/Selena/Kathy)
  3. Rival Couples must be married and their children must be full grown.
  4. You have at least 2 hearts with Your Child, Angie, Heath, Van, Matt, and Dakota.
  5. Weather: Any.
  6. Monday-Friday.

How do you get rid of the roots in Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility?

Other Answers

  1. Let me rephase that.
  2. If you got gikk’s root cutscene.Go to Dale’s carpentry and another cutscene will aoear when luke cuts the root.
  3. You have to go to the root before you say anything to Dale, and then when you go to meet him in the carpenter’s shop one of them will go chop it down.

How do you marry ash in Harvest Moon Tale of Two Towns?

Marriage Requirements Ash does have a reverse proposal. If you want him to propose marriage, you need to have him at 65,000 FP and activate a date with him at Howard’s Cafe, at the Town Square, or at Grady’s Shop.

What does Cam like Harvest Moon?

Friendship Tips: Cam is very easy to befriend because he likes all types of flowers. You can grow flowers from the seeds he sells at his shop, buy them directly from him, or find them wild on the mountain. Cam also likes the herbs you forage off of the mountain areas with the exception of Chamomile.

What do you do in Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility?

In Tree of Tranquility, the plot objective is to reawaken the Harvest Goddess. This is performed by helping the Harvest Sprites create rainbows and collecting certain “badges”. Once all the rainbows are created, the Harvest Goddess will reawaken, and the game continues indefinitely.

What does Kathy like in Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility?

She loves horse riding.

Who can you marry in Harvest Moon A New Beginning?

There are six marriage candidates to choose from based on the gender of your character….Proposing Marriage

  • Allen, Rod must be unlocked.
  • Michelle, Yuri must be unlocked.
  • Sanjay, it cannot be Fall (Amir would be unavailable)
  • Tina, Felicity must be unlocked.
  • Yuri, Michelle must be unlocked.

    How long does it take to get married in Harvest Moon?

    It equips like a tool, and you will use it standing next to or in front of them, and this acts as a proposal for marriage. If you complete all the other requirements, they should accept your proposal and you will get married 7 days later.

    Which is better konohana or Bluebell?

    I like playing in Konohana better. Playing in Bluebell makes it a bit too easy to make money imo. You have space for more animals, and you can still grow crops in the Konohana field, even though you don’t live there. I like the visuals of Bluebell more, though.

    Which is better Animal Parade or Tree of Tranquility?

    Animal Parade is way more laggier and sluggish than Tree of Tranquility is. And I love the animal designs way better in ToT. In AP they look to cutesy and for little girls, but in ToT they seem to look more realistic and cuter in my opinion. Gameplay wise, ToT is more challenging than AP.