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How do plastic shut off valves work?

How do plastic shut off valves work?

They work by clamping onto a water pipe and then forcing a hollow needle into the pipe to tap the water. A flexible copper or plastic supply tube is connected to the fitting on the valve to bring water to the appliance.

How do you fit an isolation valve to plastic pipe?

How to fit isolation valve to plastic pipe

  1. Begin by cutting the plastic pipe as described in the previous section.
  2. Once cut, place the valve within the formed gap, and ensure the pipes are correctly fitted into the valve.
  3. Push the pipes gently together to ensure a tight and accurate fit.

How do you take off an angle stop valve?

Turn off the water from the main shutoff. Next you will want to disconnect the water supply hose from the top of the angle stop valve by turning it loose with your pliers. Take off the retaining nut to loosen the valve. Now take the angle valve off. Using pliers, take the compression ring off the end of the house pipe.

How do you remove a plastic compression fitting?

Slide the nut along the pipe. Pull the pipe away from the compression body. Slide the ring off the end of the pipe and discard it. Slip the compression nut off the pipe and screw it onto the fitting’s body. Repeat the entire process to remove the pipe from the other end of the fitting. Though the rings can’t be reused, new rings can be purchased.

How do you replace the supply line on a toilet?

Install the new supply line by hand tightening the white plastic nut to the toilet’s fill valve nipple on the under side of the tank. Then hand tighten the metal nut to the supply valve. Turn the water back on by turning the knob on the supply valve.

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