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Can jetted tubs leak?

Can jetted tubs leak?

Generally speaking, jetted tubs are not that much different than regular bathtubs and showers in the areas where a leak can occur. Therefore, troubleshooting a jetted tub leak is not that difficult, and shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes.

Why are the seals on my jetted tub leaking?

The vibrations in a jetted tub can cause union seals to shake loose and leak. So, go into the basement or crawl space under the tub and check to make sure they are tight. Union fittings and seals should not be tightened with a pipe wrench.

When to start looking for a tub leak?

In the event that the leak is near the pump motor for the tub, you don’t want to risk shock or injury. Once you have switched off the power to the tub, you can safely start searching for the leak. If your tub is leaking, you should always start your search for the leak by checking the union fittings underneath the tub.

What to do if your PVC tub is leaking?

For small, hairline cracks in the PVC pipe, you may be able to simply fill them with PVC glue and allow the adhesive to dry before running water through the pipe again. For larger cracks, you will need to remove the damaged section of pipe and insert a coupler to replace the affected area.

Do you need to replace valve on jetted tub?

So, occasionally inspect valves used in the plumbing for your jetted tub and replace them as needed. Some factory installed valves on either side of the pump are actually more trouble than they are worth, and many installers choose to cut them out and replace the section with regular PVC pipe.

What causes a jet to leak from a hot tub?

A jet gasket leak is much more likely. Jets have flexible gaskets that seal against the spa shell. Over time, hot tub water breaks down the gaskets, causing leaks. To fix a jet gasket leak, you’ll need to remove the jet from the spa to access the gasket.

What to do if you have a leak in your hot tub?

If leak sealant doesn’t do the trick, you have to find the leak first. After turning off the power, open the equipment compartment and look for obvious leaks or pooling. On spas with foam-filled cabinets, dig away the soggy foam until you find the leak source. Another method is to fill your hot tub (with the power off) and let the water drop.

Why are jetted whirlpool tubs not worth it?

In fact, here are a whole gaggle reasons why jetted whirlpool tubs just aren’t worth it: 1. They’re expensive. Good luck trying to find a decent one for less than $1500. And that’s before adding in the costs required to have someone install it, assuming you aren’t the do-it-yourself type. Then again, even if you are: 2.

Why do whirlpool tubs take so long to fill?

If you aren’t very careful, the water jets tend to cause a foaming issue, which can result in a bubble bath on overdrive. Besides: 6. They take too long to fill. That’s because they’re extremely deep, which also means whirlpool tubs require a lotof water.