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Can I pay someone to do my homework for me?

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Why do I struggle so much in school?

Here are a few of the top reasons that students struggle in school: Boredom – It’s not that students can’t do an assignment, but that they are bored by it. Personal problems – Many students struggle because of problems in their personal lives as well, be it family, their friends or other relationships.

How do I teach my teenager gratitude?

Ten ways to start teaching your child gratitude:Start a daily gratitude tradition. Give thanks. Try a gratitude journal. Lead by example. Use gift giving as a time for learning. Give children responsibility. Tame the “gimmes.” Give your child everything they need but not everything they want. Direct their focus.

How do you teach values to teens?

Teaching Values to TeensWhere Do Values Come From?Tips for Instilling Good Values in Teens.Be a good role model. Watch for teaching moments. Have frequent conversations about values in your household. Serve others together. Help them learn to stay the course during hard times. Praise them when they uphold their values.

How do you humble a teenager?

Here’s 10 ways to teach your children how to be humble.Modeling. Build them up. Encourage and help them to be the very best they can be—no matter what they do. Make sure they understand where their real value comes from. Never humiliate your kids. Expose your child to the great teachers and their stories.