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Can a 240 volt water heater be wired with 120 volts?

Can a 240 volt water heater be wired with 120 volts?

Because of Ohm’s Law and the fact that the resistance of the circuit stays the same, half the voltage means the watts of heating energy generated is reduced to one quarter of what it was at 240 volts. We came upon that situation today at a homeowner-wired-and-plumbed water heater replacement for a 1970s mobile home, shown above.

How many BTU does a stock tank heater use?

Clamps easily and quickly to the side of your tank. Adjustable automatic thermostat controls water temperature and uses no more gas than necessary. Long lasting heave steel casing with removable control and burner for easy lighting and servicing. Delivers up to 12,470 BTU per hour.

Which is the best tankless electric water heater?

Keep the hot water flowing with a Titan N-120 Electronic Digital Tankless Water Heater. This water heater gives you an endless supp… . Keep your hot water flowing with the Rheem RTEX-08 8kW 240V Tankless Electric Water Heater. This water heater provides your home with continuous hot water on demand.

How big of a circuit do you need for a 120 volt heater?

According to the National Electric Code heating circuits are considered a continous load and therefore must be derated by 20%. (For example: a 20 Amp heating circuit cannot have more than 16 Amps of load connected.) 120 Volt heaters require 1-Pole circuit breakers; 240 Volt heaters need 2-Pole breakers. Use 2-wire cable with ground (Romex™ or BX).

Can you wire a 120 volt water heater?

Older mobiles often had small, 120-volt water heater heaters and we suspect the existing wiring was reused for the replacement. The thermostat is mechanical, not electric, so it is unaffected by the changeover.

How many Watts Does a 240 volt water heater produce?

One look at the plumbing configuration and you know it was not done by a pro. The rating on the data plate is 4500 watts at 240 volts, so it produces 1125 watts with the 120-volt wiring and takes four times as long to heat the water. But it works.

How many amps does a 1250 watt heater use?

They can be expensive if you need a long distance with high amps but it depends on the heater you want. 1250 watt divide by 120 volt = 10.42 amps current draw. 120 volt is standard house wiring US and Canada. Europe is generally 220 volt. Always round up!, so 11 amps.

What kind of heater do I need for a gas tank?

Choose from Steel, 304 and 316 Stainless Steel or Titanium Tempco Over-the-Side Immersion Heaters are specifically designed for heating fluids in tanks. Depending on the tank shape, size, accessibility and working area inside the tank, choose a round or L shaped heater.