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Are travertine floors timeless?

Are travertine floors timeless?

Travertine is timeless and a great choice if you want a natural stone floor in your home. Rest easy if you already have travertine floors because they stand the test of time.

How long do travertine floors last?

100 years
Travertine, like other natural stone flooring, comes out on top. This is because with typical use, travertine can last over 100 years. As long as your flooring is properly maintained and not subjected to excessive wear and tear, travertine can easily be the last flooring you purchase in your lifetime.

Is there a bathroom in Sydney with travertine floors?

Transitional master bathroom in Sydney with flat-panel cabinets, light wood cabinets, a freestanding tub, an open shower, white tile, porcelain tile, white walls, travertine floors, a wall-mount sink, an open shower, white benchtops and beige floor.

What do travertine tiles look like in a bathroom?

The travertine tiles look similar to those used for covering the traditional travertine bathroom. The travertine ceramics for this point look old and casual. In terms of colour, the travertine ceramics seem brighter as compared to those in the previous examples. The travertine tiles contain bright tones; brown and beige.

When did people start using travertine flooring in homes?

It hides all kinds of dirt and pet hair and is a natural stone product. Naturally everyone thought they had found gold! It was installed in many homes around here; and before 2008 when the recession hit, it was going for really cheap, with big billboards showing up off I-45 advertising the deals.

What’s the best color scheme for a travertine floor?

Something more timeless and, well, less “Old World”-ish. Travertine typically has lots of beige or pinky-beige mottling that can dictate your color palette in a major way. Sort of flesh-toned. :-/ Most people paired a color scheme with it that duplicated the travertine throughout the home. There’s usually lots of brown or other warm neutrals.

Is it really unwise to use travertine tiles in the bathroom?

Travertine is perfectly fine for use in bathrooms if done properly. Sealing the tiles with lithofin stain stop (recommended) gives you a water repellent surface & is effective for several years although i would recommend re-sealing every couple of years.

What are the best floors for small bathrooms?

Porcelain tile is the best of all worlds for bathroom flooring, as it is waterproof, stylish, and cost-effective. Like stone, porcelain tile can achieve a rich, textured, solid feeling. Like vinyl, it is waterproof and is fairly inexpensive. Like wood flooring, tile looks great.

What is the best floor tile for a small bathroom?

There are many different size and color tile ideas for bathrooms that you can choose from for your space. The best type of tile for a small bathroom design is ceramic tiles because they come in a variety of sizes and colors and are inexpensive.

Is travertine good for floors?

On the flip side, a travertine tile is a good option for flooring over radiant (in-floor) heating systems. Once the tile heats up it is an excellent conductor (rather than an insulator) of heat to help warm up the room.