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Are downstairs shower rooms a good idea?

Are downstairs shower rooms a good idea?

Adding a downstairs shower room is a straightforward way to add value to your home, as well as giving you a fresh perspective in the house. Shower rooms are an area where getting it right can have a remarkable positive effect, yet can be tricky to do well, and if they go wrong the consequences can be a disaster.

What is the best shower for a small bathroom?

Corner Shower Enclosures Corner enclosures are the perfect space saver, fitting snugly into virtually any size bathroom. There’s a variety of corner enclosures out there, in a number of different shapes and sizes, but if you’re really looking to maximise bathroom space a square enclosure is your best bet.

Does a downstairs wet room add value?

Will a Wet Room Add Value? Installing a wet room will definitely give your home the extra ‘wow’ factor when the time comes to sell. It will also add value as long as the wet room is properly installed.

What size should a downstairs shower room be?

What’s the minimum size for a room with just a shower? The smallest tray size is around 700mm x 700mm, so your shower room will need to be at least just over 700mm wide. You need to allow room for the shower door to open, plus room for getting in and out. A workable minimum length would be around 1,500mm.

Why do Victorian houses have downstairs bathrooms?

Many homes in the UK will have a downstairs bathroom, given that many of the popular Victorian terraced homes were originally built in this way. He said, “Where there is an existing bathroom on the ground floor, a homeowner might look to re-purpose it as a utility and cloakroom.

How many downstairs bathroom ideas do you have?

We have a list of 50 bathroom downstairs ideas that we have chosen. Hopefully there is something you like and can be applied to the layout of your home.

What are the different types of shower suites?

We’ve put together a collection of carefully designed suites that will work brilliantly with a wide range of bathrooms layouts and sizes. Our shower bath suites include L shaped bathroom suites or P shaped bathroom suites, plus a combination of toilets and basins. What do you think of our filters? Great. You’ve added your first favourite.

Which is the best shower suite in Victoria?

Orchard Derwent complete bathroom suite with straight shower bath, wooden panel pack,… Great. You’ve added your first favourite. You can access your favourites via the heart next to the search box or the side menu if browsing on mobile.

Is there a bathroom on the second floor?

On the second floor, there should be an en-suite bathroom attached to the main bedroom, and a separate toilet on the ground floor.

Is it okay to have a second shower downstairs?

Guests tend to use the main bathroom so there is no embarrassment for them wandering around in a towel. When you are used to it there is no problem going downstairs to use it and then back up to get dressed. That would be no different to coming down from an attic room for example, to use a first floor bathroom.

Do you use the downstairs bathroom or the main bathroom?

Growing up (3 girls) we all used the downstairs one as it was a much better shower. Guests tend to use the main bathroom so there is no embarrassment for them wandering around in a towel. When you are used to it there is no problem going downstairs to use it and then back up to get dressed.

Where to put a walk in shower in a bathroom?

When you’re planning out your bathroom, consider using a wood looking tile. You can have it installed from corner to corner, even through your shower design, and make your space look extremely modern and seamless. If you’d prefer to hid your shower away, it’s time to build a wall. Install your walk in shower behind your vanity.

Is there a small room under the stairs for a bathroom?

You can use the room under the stairs to make a small bathroom. The downstairs bathroom idea might be good for you. Because children and parents have no trouble using the bathroom. The room in your house does not become cramped, because it utilizes an unused room.